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Starterkit Arrangements

The starter kit is not regularly included in your Hive purchase.
Please go to to order it.

Our supported regions are: EU, USA, China & Hong Kong

Arrangement of starterkit after purchase:

Steps of Arranging your StarterKit:

  1. Check to ensure that Hive can be powered up (read below)
  2. Fill in form (read below)
  3. Mealworms supplier will ship as soon as the temperature is within an appropriate range to dispatch StarterKit
  4. You will receive a tracking number
  5. Courier will ship to your address
  6. You can be present or leave a note at your front door (requesting for shipping next day, to the local post office, to a neighbor, etc)
  7. Note: they have only a limited time and attempts, then they will return the parcel back to our supplier
  8. Please pick it up soonest at your local post office or risk return parcel back to our supplier (Courier will charge return fees of 10-30 EUROs and you will be responsible for such fee)

Before you confirm sending the StarterKit, please do ensure that your Hive is fully functional.

  1. Plug the power cable into the Hive
  2. Plug the power adapter into your outlet
  3. Turn the ON/OFF switch to the ON position
  4. Green lights should flash from the bottom tray, one by one, to the top tray
  5. A blue solid light should appear right below the first tray 
  6. Please reset the Hive before you get started with the starterkit (small button in the back).

After you have turned on the Hive and confirmed that the Hive is fully functional,

please fill in the form at

We will ensure to take all precautions in the delivery of your StarterKit. We cannot guarantee live deliveries nor withhold responsibilities of the outcome of the shipment. We appreciate your understanding of this.