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How much power does my Hive consume?

This depends on the temperature and humidity in your house. With room temperatures and average humidities of 60% as it is common in rooms in temperate climate zones, it will require little energy. 

The device has a normal power of 6W and max power of 34W. 

When the device is powered off, the power is 0.00024W (phantom power).

The device's operation pattern is highly dependent on the environmental conditions, and max power consumption only happens during the harvesting step, which only happens every other week and lasts for a few hours. Our recommended calculation for average power consumption per year is to use 10W as reference power and thus the total number is 87.6 kWh (kilowatt hours), assuming the device is turned on 24/7. If device is connected to wall plug but switched off, yearly power consumption is 0.0021 kWh.

As a comparison, the power of a domestic fridge could be from 100W to 200W, and a regular floor lamp is about 15W.